Beautiful orchid from our client

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Recently, we have got an orchid potted plant sent to out office to Ms My Linh HOAC. Both My Linh and Gala Staff are humbled by the generosity this client shown. The plant enlightens our office to a great extent and is still blossoming a month later.

These days, it is not usual for someone to express such appreciation. My Linh is always our capable staff and she won many applauds from other clients. She is just doing her job to assist with clients' tax return and we charged a fee. However, our clients may agree with us that My Linh did an exceptional good job by giving our clients advice outside the normal tax and accounting matters. We are sure our clients can harvest the benefit from her advice.

Gala Chartered Accountant is grateful that we have client who generously give such an encouragement. Please rest assured that our highly qualified and experienced staff will always try our best endeavour to serve our client.

Thank you very much to this client for the beautiful orchid and we wish all our client a merry Christmas and happy new year!

Mr David LO

Gala Tax Chartered Accountants Principal

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